Murky Versus Everyone

Hero Strategy
Abathur Abathur is easily killed if you can find him. You are more likely to see his hat. If abathur is hatting a minion wave you want to target the minion that has the hat obviously. If you are seiging towers and Abathur puts his hat on one just switch over to the other tower unless it is almost dead.
Alarak Alark one shots Murky. He also gets bonuses for hero takedowns so it's best to leave him alone. If he show up in your lane move to another lane. Luckily not many people play Alarak so you should not see him a ton.
Alexstrasza Alexstrasza is a healer which is alwasy a good person to target. It's hard to kill her because of her ultimate that lets her fly away and dragon form. But if she's running from you she's not healing her team.
Ana Ana is a good target for Murky. Get into the enemy's backline and zone her out or kill her. Ana can't self heal and her damages take a while to amp up so very easy for Murky to kill. Even if the team focuses you and prevents you from killing Ana that means they aren't using their cooldowns on your team mates. It is also hard for Ana to Heal when you are chasing her as she uses skill shots for her heals.
Anub'arak Anu'barak is a magic resistant tank with shields. In order to fight him effectively you need to time your slimes so that you hit him when his shield is down. In addition to his shields Anu'barak has spell armor ever 12 seconds. Getting Time To Krill will help as it will constantly be triggering his spell armor cooldown.
Artanis Artanis easily kills murky's pufferfish and murky. Best to switch lanes.
Arthas Arthas is a tough tank. Focus minion if you need to lane against arthas. Keep your bubble available in case his freeze root hits you.
Auriel Auriel is a pain for Murky. She blinds, pushes back, stuns and can kill Murky easily. It's better to focus a squishy that is supplying Auriel with energy.
Azmodan Azmodan is tough early game. Try to dodge his fireballs and bubble his lazer.
Blaze Blaze is on of the easiest tanks for Murky to handle. Blaze struggles with killing your pufferfish. Murky can safely stack slimes on Blaze.
Brightwing Brightwing is a healer so you will rarely lane against one. Her only real damage is a skill shot that you can dodge. She will sheep you but thats on a fairly long cool down. So if you are one vs one with Brightwing get in her face and go to town.
Butcher Butcher just owns Murky and killing Murky make him stronger. You always want to be in a different lane than Butcher. Many times this will force me into a split push build. Slippery When Wet is particularly good for running from Butcher. Depending on the map I often choose Octo-Grab in order to protect team mates who have been charged in team fights.
Cassia Cassia is like Valla but with an AOE blind. Fish Tank works for her basic attacks but her Q is ability based and has a short cool down and can take half of Murky's health.
Chen Poor Chen nerfed into oblivion. Easy to stack slime on Chen.
Cho'Gall Cho'Gall is a tank and an assasin in one body so taking him down is a team effort. Best you can do a split push build and out push his team.
Chromie Chromie is a very good target for Murky. Chromie can't wave clear and all his damage comes from skill shots that are fairly easy to dodge. Easiest way to dodge Chromies sand blast is to keep running through her to get behind her. Also be aware that you can bubble through her traps and sand slows to get to Chromie.
Dehaka Murky can't beat Dehaka in lane because of his sustain. Best you can do is build your slime stacks. Place your puffer fish after Dehaka uses his Q ability. Even then Dehaka can still kill your puffer fish with auto attacks. Switch lanes if you can.
Diablo Trick to Diablo is to stay away from walls. Save your bubble for overpower. Other than thats its just whittling Diablo down with slimes.
D.Va Dva is unbeatable before you get Fish Tank. Her fast auto attack rate shreds Murky and his puffer fish. Once you get Fish Tank Dva is fairly easy to deal with. It's just hard to kill her because she has booters and an extra life.
ETC ETC is faily difficult to deal with if played well. His powerslide and stun is enough to kill Murky. Even if you get him low ETC can use powerslide to escape which is annoying. Fish Tank certainly helps but the fight still favors ETC.
Falstad Falstad can be auto attack based or ability based depending on his talents. In either case we have to dodge his hammerang as it will kill Murky. Save your bubble for his lightning rod attack if possible. Falstad has an escape that can be countered with Slippery When Wet.
Fenix Fenix is very much like Valla 2.0. Stronger and better than the original. Fenix has better wave clear and a better escape. Fenix's lazer ability is better against Murky as well. There is just no way Murky can lane against Fenix in the beginning. Just switch lanes. Once Murky gets Fish Tank Fenix becomes manageable. Murky still needs to bubble for Fenix's lazer ability. Murky can stand toe to toe with Fenix. The only issue is catching him when Fenix uses his teleport. Octo-Grab is good agaisnt as well as Slippery When Wet can help Fenix die like he is supposed to.
Garrosh Garrosh is another tank that we can not do much to till we get Fish Tank. Hi throw can be annoying and deadly if we are close to a tower. Garrosh has an ultimate that does a melee range ability damage aoe which is of course where Murky needs to be. His other ultimate is a taunt which will kill Murky but its on a 50 second cool down.
Gazlowe The best way to lane against Gazlowe is to attack his turrets. Puffer fish is good at hitting two or more of them if Gazlowe bunches them up. It is rare to kill Gazlowe because of the turret but forcing him to hearth for mana or health is just as good. Murky and Galzowe both clear camps well so be aggressive about getting them before Gazlowe does.
Genji Genji is a pain to deal with and can certainly one shot Murky with his swift strike. However, Genji has such a low health pool that Murky has a chance of dealing with him. You need to be careful that Murky does not kill himself when Genji uses reflect. Octo-Grab is particularly effective against Genji.
Greymane Greymane just eats Murky and his puffer fish. You won't be able to do anything but feed if Geyman is in your lane. So just switch lanes.
Guldan Guldan is impossible to lane against. He has a flame attack is on a low cool down and can kil your egg. He has good wave clear and can easily kill Murky. Guldan will not run out of mana or health so Murky can not force him to retreat. Best plan of action is to switch lanes. With slime build at lvl 16 Murky can out damage Guldan's heal. When Guldan tries to leach life from you can bubble to prevent that.
Hanzo Hanzo is another hero that Murky should not try to lane against. Hanzo is like Valla in that he is ranged. Unlike Valla his attack are more ability based and Fish Tank will not help against him. Hanzo also has an escape that let him jump over walls. So even if you get him low he can usally get away. In short switch lanes and deal with Hanzo in a team fight.
Illidan Illidan like Murky is weak early on and get strong late game. Illidan definitely has the edge when laning but you can force him to back off by keeping slime on him then backing off. Lay down your puffer fish so he'll concentrate on it and do some damage while he kills it then back off. Late game Murky has an advantage but you need to shield when Illidan uses evasion. If you don't Illidan will definitely win.
Jaina Murky can definitely lane against Jaina. It's a bit of a mexican standoff and you will usually just kill each others minions. Early game Murky just doesn't have enough damage to kill Jaina before she reaches the gate. Late game Murky is very dangerous to Jaina. Particularly if you are using the pufferfish octo-grab combo.
Johanna Johanna is very easy to lane against. The main thing is to avoid her stuns. You won't be able to kill Johanna as she has plenty of time to escape and can neagate your slows with her shields. But you can force her to retreat if you time your slimes well and avoid her stuns. After you get Fish Tank you will be able to go toe to Johanan. However Fish Tank stops working when you are blinded. So bubble up when blind hits you and you can easily win. Of cource Johanna can just run away whenever she feels like it which is frustating.
Junkrat Junkrat can be easy to lane against if you can dodge his grenades. While Junkrat is fragile killing is difficult because of his escape. Junkrat does not have mana either so only way to get him to retreat is to get him really low on health. It is best to ignore Junkrat and just focus the minions. Fish Tank will not help Murky late game. Slippery When Wet can be usefull to chase Junkrat down and slap him with a fish.
Kaelthas Murky can certainly lane against Keal'thas. Save your bubble for when Kael'thas lays an ignite on you if possible. Be aware that one of Kael'thas first talents is for a quest for flamestrike. Kael'thas greatest weapon is his stun. It is also his only escape. Slippery When Wet will let you run down fleeing Kael'thas for that final hit or two kill him.
Kel'thuzad Murky can safely lane against Kel'thuzad. Like Kel'thas his big damage moves are telegraphs and can be avoided. Kelthu'zad excels in team fights so would not expect him to be laning 1v1. Kelthu'zad has no escape but he will drop his spells at his feet as he is fleeing. You can bubble through these in pursuit but his cool down is shorter than Murky's bubble. So if you don't finish Kelthu'zad off after you first bubble just back off.
Kerrigan Murky can not do anything to Kerrigan with or without Fish Tank. Her auto attacks are hard hitting plus she has low cooldowns on her ability damage. Backing off wich works for most heroes will not work with Kerrigan because she can just jump on you. If that were not enough she also gets shields so Murky can not even get her low on health. Switch lanes and deal with Kerrigan in team fights.
Kharazim Kharazim is a nightmare for Murky until you get Fish Tank. Kharazim can easily kill Murky's pufferfish and chase Murky down. Kharazim also has heals so Murky can not force him to retreat by kamikaze diving him. Once Murky has Fish Tank the fight gets a little more fair. However Kharazim still has a slight advantage and has an escape. Getting Slippery When Wet will let you chase Kharazim down.
Leoric In the beginning Leoric is a pain to lane against. His auto attacks will easily kill your pufferfish and he can two shot Murky. On the brightside his auto attacks are slow so you can time your slimes. You need to save your bubble for Leoric's Grasphing Hand. It does damage to Murky but more importantly it Heals Leoric. Forcing Leoric to retreat from the lane should be considered a victory for Murky as Leoric can use his ghost walk to escape to safety.
Li Li Li Li will surprisingly kick Murky's butt every time. Murky should just focus on the minion wave as he can not do any damage to Li Li due to her heals. The only reason to engage Li Li would be to prevent her from getting to her team if a team fight broke out. In team fights its better to target other squishies. If you are relying on Fish Tank pay attention to when you are blinded and bubble up at that point.
Li Ming Murky can lane against Li-Ming. Murky should focus the minions and ignore Li Ming. Stay off to the side of the minion pack so that Li Ming has to decide to attack Murky or the minons. Late game puffer fish build is very effective against Li Ming.
Lost Vikings The individual vikings are no match for Murky and should be killed as ofter as possible to negate their experience gains. Once the vikings get Sping to Win and group up then Murky is no match for them. The best you can do is try and get consecutive slimes on them.
Lt Morales Lt Morales would never lane against Murky or any other hero. If Murky can through the front line to Morales he can do some damage. Against poor teams you can drive Morale off an objective or outright kill her.
Lucio Laning against Lucio is not realistic as he will be healing his team. Lucio can kill Murky but needs a lot of runway to do so but can kill Murky's puffer fish easily. Lucio's main defense is his speed. Late game Murky's combined slows will slow him down so that he can be killed by Murky or his team.
Lunara Murky can definitely lane against Lunara. However he will not be able to touch Lunara. Just focus on the minion waves. Murky's bubble will clear poison stacks so make sure you use that to good affect. Once Lunara is slowed she is in for a bad day. Slippery when wet and Octo-grab are highly recomended.
Maiev Maiev is not as nig of threat to Murky as he is to other heroes. Maiev has a low health pool so can forced to retreat from the lane by kamikazing him. Maiev's umbral bind can be be negated by Murky's bubble as well as his shadow form. All in all Maiev is no different than a hero like Valla. Certainly dangerous too Murky but doable.
Malfurion Laning against Malfurion is a piece of cake for Murky. He would not be able to kill Malf due to his heals but could certainly push minions up to the gate. Just need to watch out for Malfurions root which is easily dodged. Malfurion will typically use his root to clear Murky's minions so do not stand in the midst of them.
Malthael It is tough but doable to lane Againt Malthael. Use bubble to clear Malthael's dot. Focus the minions and dodge his skillshot and you will be fine. Once Murky gets Fish Tank the tables turn and Murky can go toe to toe with Malthael.
Medivh Murky can lane against Medivah easily. Medivah does have some damage but is more a support hero. With Medivah's portals and shield do not expect to be able to kill him. Just focus on the minion wave.
Muradin Murky can lane against Muradin. A huge part of doing this successfully is doding Muradin's hammer. Running around in circles around Muradin will make it harder for him to connect. Once you get Fish Tank the fight becomes more fair. Muradin has his escape though so it will be rare that Murky will actually kill Muradin. If Muradin connects with his hammer stun that usually means Murky still dies.
Nazeebo In the beginning Murky can lane against Nazeebo barely. A good Nazeebo will kill his puffer fish. At this point Nazeebo has not built up his mana and health so you can still force him to retreat by getting him low. Rarely you might be able to kill Nazeebo if he makes a mistake. Nazeebo's Ravenous Spirit can be canceled with Octo-Grab. If you do not have grab or it's on cool down at least throw a pufferfish on Nazeebo if you can.
Nova Well Nova does not really lane. In early game all you can do is bubble and run when Nova snipes at you. Later on you can use Slippery When Wet to run her down or Octo-Grab to let your team kill her. Murky's slows will also help out immensely when chasing Nova down.
Probius The main priority is Probius's towers and cannons. If probius lays his towers/cannons close together you can target them with a single pufferfish. All the while you have to dodge probius explosive rifts that are like land mines. You can bubble through these rifts to get to Probius. Probius does have a very small health pool so if you can reach him Murky can do some damage and force him to retreat. Puffer fish build is very effective against probius.
Ragnaros Ragnaros is very difficult for Murky to lane against. All three of his abilities hit hard and he can easily kill Murky and his pufferfish. Murky will have to use his pufferfish as bait and then kill the minion waves with slime. If Ragnaros does not stagger his abilities Murky can get some slimes on Ragnaros and force him to retreat.
Raynor Murky can not lane against Raynor. Raynor easily kills Murky's pufferfish and Murky. Plus Raynor has a self heal if you where to somehow get Raynor low. Murky can not even approach Raynor because of the Raynor's pushback. Bottom line - switch lanes.
Rehgar It is a little embarrasing but Rhegar beats Murky. Rehgar's lighting shield will kill Murky and Rhegars wolf lunge takes most of Murky's health. You can lane against Rehgar but you have to back off when Rehgar uses his lightning shield. Also wait for Rhegar to use his lightning shield then place pufferfish down. Rehgar can still melee the pufferfish but it is a little harder for him to do so.
Rexxar Rexxar is a 'bear' to handle. Ideally you would just ignore Misha the bear and attack Rexxar. The problem is Misha's stuns. With Murky if you get stunned you die. Rexxar can also kill your puffer fish easily.
Samuro Samuro is difficult to lane against. He can kill pufferfish and Murky easily. The brightside is that Murky can stack Slime Time on Samuro and his clones.
Sgt Hammer Murky can not do anything about Hammer. You will need to let your team handle him. Switch lanes and try to outpush Hammer.
Sonya Do not even bother. All Murky will do is feed her fury with his small attacks. Sonya easily kills his pufferfish and gains health by spinning in minion wave. Just switch to another lane.
Stitches Murky can lane against Stiches and clear minion waves. Unless you are build slime stacks for Slime Time do not bother trying to damage Stiches. He has way to much health and healing for that to be effective. Dodging hooks is important as Murky will die if hooked. You can bait Stiches slam with your pufferfish and then clear minions with slime. Fish Tank helps a lot but Murky still needs to dodge Stiches slam. Stiches has so much health and heals that Murky can still not go toe to toe with him. So focus other squishie targets first.
Stukov Stukov is tough for Murky to lane against. His lurking horror silence can kill Murky's puffer fish. Stukov is a melee hero so can actually out melee Murky as well. Oh and plus he has heals. So focus Murky should focus the minon wave instead. Now realistically Stukov is gonna be healing his team not soloing against Murky.
Sylvanas Sylvanas is very difficult for Murky to lane against. It is better to let your team mates take care of her. However if you have to lane against her the only thing you can do is kamaikaze dive her and force her to retreat to heal up. Mury will die but as long as you keep deaths down to 3 or 4 per retreat you are doing as well as can be expected. It is best to fight at your gates so that you might get a tower shot on Sylvanas. Focus the minons at the gate rather than Sylvanas.
Tassadar Tassadar is easy to lane against for Murky. Murky can not kill Tassadar because of his shields and his escape. But he takes a long time to kill Murky. Tassadar and Murky will most likely just kill each others minion waves. However Tassadar is great for building slime stacks. Tassadar will often just shield up and sit there while you do slime after slime. Tassadar will not take any damage but Murky will build his slime stack really quickly.
Thrall The main thing to remember is to dodge Thrall's root. If Thrall does land a root bubble out of it and retreat. Concentrate the minions and go for a stalemate early game. Once you have stacks and healing murky can be more aggresive. Use bubble to get out of root or avoid Thrall's activated frenzy attacks.
Tracer Screw Tracer. Just run from him and switch lanes. Get Octo-Grab so your team can focus him. There is just nothing Murky can do against Tracer. If Murky's team keeps getting destroyed by Tracer then just push lanes and grab camps.
Tychus Forget laning against Tycus. He is like Raynor and his auto attacks will shred Murky and his pufferfish.
Tyrande Tryande is easy to lane against. She will kill Murky with her stun or owls if they are not dodged. Do not expect to be able to kill Tyrande. She is a weak healer but more than enough for Murky. Her wave clear is no where near Murky's so you should be thinking about double soaking lanes if possible. Generally Tryande will not be soloing. She works best with a partner who she can buff and heal.
Tyrael Tyreal is easy for Murky to lane against. Just do not stand in Tyreal's aurua or near his sword. The biggest pain about laning against Tyreal is that he can shield minions. So wait for Tyreal shields to drop and then drop a pufferfish.
Uther Murky can lane against Uther without any problems. Keep your distance from Uther because Murky tends to die when stunned. Uther has a difficult time killing your pufferfish. In the heat of the battle Uther getting blown up by the pufferfish if he does not have his timing perfect. Even if he does kill the puffer fish Murky can get a slime a few auto attacks on Uther.
Valeera Well Valeera does not really lane. What will typcially happen is Murky is laning sucessfully against a hero and then Valeera does a drive by Murky killing. If valeera did want to lane for some reason Murky can just retreat to his gate and kill minions there. Fish Tank does not really help against Valeera even though she does physical damage. Once you get out of Valeera's stun Murky is dead. If Murky gets Smoke Bomb be aware that slime will still hit Valeera as well as pufferfish.
Valla Murky should avoid laning against Valla. Valla can kill Murky and his puffer fish easily. Murky can kamikaze Valla and force her to retreat for health. Another alternative is for Murky to backup to the gate and kill minions there. Once Murky gets Fish Tank Valla becomes much more manageable. Murky still needs to bubble for Valla homing arrow. If Vallas takes the multishot talent with gernades the Murky is toast. Fortunately that is considered a poor talent choice so is rarely seen.
Varian Murky can lane against Varian till level 4. After that you should stick to your towers and focus the minions. Use bubble to escape from Varian when he uses his charge on you. Later game murky can defend himself against Varian. However Varia will still have an edge over Murky.
Xul Xul is easy to lane against with Murky. Xul want to use his buffed swings on minion waves so do not stand in your minions. He generally will not try and kill Murkys pufferfish because Xul concentrates on minions. Xul will use his bone prison on Murky but you can just bubble out of that. Murky will also want to dodge Xul's scythe throw. Last thing to be aware of is Xul shield buff that does damage when it expires. If he takes that talent Murky should backup till it expires.
Zagara Early game Zagara should be avoided. Murky should counter push and let team handle Zagara If zagara wants to push during an objective then Murky should counter her and then rotate when the objective is over. One note is that Murky's scouting egg will reveal creep to your team. This lets you clear the creep with auto attacks instead of wasting an AOE cool down.
Zarya Murky can lane against Zarya. However she will always kill your pufferfish and you will need to use slime to clear the minion wave. Pay attention to Zaryas energy level. If it's high let her use it on minons or strucutures. Dive the minon wave and Zaraya when her enery is down. Try not to do any damage to Zaraya when her shields are up as that is how she gains enery. When Murky gets Fish Tank Zaraya becomes the easist tank for Murky to kill. She has no escape. The only thing you need to do is not damage Araya when her shields are up.
Zeratul Murky can lane against Zeratul. Murky should get Zeratul to chase him then drop a pufferfish while he is out of position. Murky will die but eventually will force Zeratul to retreat. Octo-grab is very effective in letting your team kill Zeratul.
Zul'Jin Murky can not lane against Zul'jin. He two shots Murky and his pufferfish at range. EVen if Murky kamaikazes on Zuljin he can self heal the little damage Murky would do. Switch lanes or backup behind the gates. Once Murky gets Fish Tank the fight becomes more fair. If Zul'jin become 'unkillable' then Murky should bubble up and wait for that to expire. Unkillable lasts four seconds so Murky probably will not be able to finish him off but his team mates should.