Murky Versus Everyone

Hero Name Role Description
Abathur Specialist Abathur is a unique Hero that does not directly engage in combat. Instead, he's behind the scenes, manipulating the battlefield a little bit at a time in many places. In doing so, he can help his team secure big advantages and shape the flow of battle.
Alarak Assasin Alarak is a combo assassin who can move enemies around and punish mistakes.
Alexstrasz Support Alexstrasza is a durable Ranged Support who transforms into a mighty dragon.
Ana Support Ana is a long range Support, who excels at manipulating the course of battle from a safe distance.
Anub'arak Tank Anub'arak charges toward his enemies and impales them. He can harden his carapace to shield himself.
Artanis Tank Artanis is a duelist warrior who gains a shield automatically at low health. He repositions enemies and strikes with his blades.
Arthas Tank Arthas engages with his enemies directly, freezing and slowing them. He uses the power of Frostmourne to empower his attacks.
Auriel Support Auriel is a ranged Support whose healing capabilities are dependent on the damage she and her allies deal.
Azmodan Specialist Azmodan uses spells to deny enemy safe places to hide. Summons demons to fight for him.
Blaze Tank Blaze is a dual-incinerator cannon wielding Warrior who excels at area-of-effect damage and locking down an area of the battlefield. Get ready to fire it up!
Brightwing Support Brightwing is a strategic support that can quickly teleport to allies, and Polymorphs enemies.
Cassia Assasin Cassia is a ranged Assassin who deals increased damage to Blinded enemies.
Chen Tank Chen is a frontline fighter whose abilities combo together for extra damage and more powerful effects.
Cho'Gall Tank/Assasin Cho'Gall is a tank and an assasin controlled by two players.
Chromie Assasin Chromie is a long-range mage with high burst damage. She requires good timing and setup.
Dehaka Tank Dehaka is a devious melee warrior that can attack from any shrub and grows more durable by collecting the Essence of his enemies.
Diablo Tank Diablo is an aggressive ability-driven hero who charges his enemies and uses fire and lightning to burn them down. He gathers the souls of fallen enemies and uses them for resurrection.
D.Va Tank D.Va is a hard-to-kill Bruiser that can peel enemies away from her allies with high disruption.
ETC Tank E.T.C. is a heavy front-line hero who knocks around and stuns his foes while buffing his allies. He is able to leap anywhere on the battlefield.
Falstad Assasin Falstad is an Assassin that can fly large distances, excelling on large battlegrounds.
Fenix Assasin Fenix is a sustained damage Assassin with a regenerating Shield that enables him to efficiently duel his opponents.
Garrosh Tank Garrosh is a sturdy tank who throws enemies out of position for his team to dispose of.
Gazlowe Specialist Gazlowe specializes in zoning out his enemies and securing areas with Turrets and XPlodium Charges. Can supercharge his Deth Lazor for increased area of effect damage.
Genji Assasin Genji is a highly mobile ranged Assassin whose kit also consists of explosive melee components allowing him to quickly dash in and out of combat.
Greymane Assasin Greymane is a high damage assassin who wears down enemies from afar and dives in for the kill.
Guldan Assasin Gul'dan is a sustained damage mage who uses his health as fuel but can steal life.
Hanzo Assasin Hanzo is a long-ranged Assassin who must land skillshots from precise angles in order to deal damage effectively.
Illidan Assasin llidan is a mobile, sustained damage assassin who pairs well with heroes that can enable him.
Jaina Assasin Jaina is a frost mage who can slow the entire enemy team.
Johanna Tank Johanna serves as a frontline fighter that is resilient and can make herself immune to enemy crowd control.
Junkrat Assasin Junkrat is a ranged assassin who can deal a large amount of sustained or burst damage from a safe distance.
Kaelthas Assasin Kael'thas is a fire mage who punishes enemies that stay close together.
Kel'thuzad Assasin Kel'Thuzad is a combo-oriented ranged damage dealer with outstanding area of effect crowd control and burst damage potential.
Kerrigan Assasin Kerrigan is an aggressive hero who gains temporary shields by attacking enemies and using her abilities. She is able to stun enemies and pull them towards her.
Kharazim Support Kharazim is a versatile support that can be either a healer or a fighter depending where the need is greatest.
Leoric Tank Leoric is a slow moving front-line warrior that never truly dies, haunting the battlefield as a ghost before reforming on the field.
Li Ming Assasin Li-Ming is a burst damage mage who can reset her abilities upon getting a kill.
Li Li Support Li Li is a positional support that protects her allies by throwing out Healing Brew and blinding enemies.
Lt Morales Specialist Lieutenant Morales is a dedicated support that heals a single ally near her. She shields allies and knocks back enemies.
Lucio Specialist LĂșcio is a highly mobile support who constantly heals or grants movement speed to all allies around him.
Lunara Assasin Lunara is a sustained Assassin who can wear down her enemies from afar with her poison.
Maiev Assasin Maiev is an exceptionally resilient Assassin who excels at initiating and generally punishing mispositioned opponents.
Malfurion Support Malfurion heals his allies and restores their mana. He is able to reveal and root groups of enemies from a distance.
Malthael Assasin Malthael is a melee Assassin who naturally counters high-Health targets.
Medivh Specialist Medivh is a strong utility hero, who can fly over the battlefield as a raven and aid his allies with his portals.
Muradin Tank Muradin jumps around the battlefield and stuns heroes. He rapidly regenerates health as he nears death.
Nazeebo Specialist Nazeebo is effective against groups of enemies by summoning spiders, zombies, and frogs. He siphons health and mana from dying foes.
Nova Assasin Nova is a burst damage mage who can ambush enemies from stealth.
Probius Specialist Probius is a ranged specialist who excels at zone control by means of setting up and activating a plethora of structures and abilities.
Ragnaros Assasin Ragnaros is a bruiser that can nullify enemy pushes against his forts and keeps.
Raynor Assasin Raynor is a Basic Attack Assassin that can keep enemies away.
Rehgar Support Rehgar transforms into a spirit wolf instead of mounting. Slows enemies, heals allies, and grants them a damaging shield.
Rexxar Tank Rexxar fights in tandem with his bear, Misha. Misha is a resilient warrior and protects Rexxar while he attacks from a distance.
Samuro Assasin Samuro is a stealth assassin who is difficult to kill and excels at capturing mercenary camps.
Sgt Hammer Specialist Sgt. Hammer can Siege up gaining increased range and adding splash damage. Deals more damage to distant targets.
Sonya Tank Sonya is a direct fighter who uses fury instead of mana. She leeches life from her enemies by attacking and using her abilities.
Stiches Tank Stitches is a heavy front-line fighter who can use his hook to drag enemies to him. He emits a gas cloud when he takes damage.
Stukov Support Stukov is a high utility solo Healer, who provides excellent zone control.
Sylvanas Specialist Sylvanas disables enemy minions and fortifications. Killing enemies replenishes her Withering Fire for continuous damage.
Tassadar Support Tassadar can grant a temporary shield to allies, detect nearby enemy Heroes, and manipulate the Battlefield for his team.
The Butcher Assasin The Butcher is an Assassin who gains power as the game goes on from collecting Meat.
The Lost Vikings Specialist The Lost Vikings are three Heroes in one. They can focus their efforts or split up to cover more ground.
Thrall Assasin Thrall is a durable melee Assassin with extraordinary burst damage potential in close combat.
Tracer Assasin Tracer is a mobile Assassin who picks off straggling enemies, finishing them off.
Tychus Assasin Tychus is a Assassin who shreds High Health enemies.
Tryande Support Tyrande marks enemy targets so they take increased damage. Summons owls to scout out enemy positions.
Tyrael Tank Tyrael is a front-line hero who can support his allies by shielding them and increasing their movement speed. He explodes when he dies, damaging nearby enemies.
Uther Support Uther heals allies, stuns enemies, and returns as a spirit to heal after dying.
Valeera Assasin Valeera is a stealthed Assassin who specializes in shutting down her opponents.
Valla Assasin Valla strikes at the enemy from afar and gains Hatred, increasing her Move Speed and Basic Attack damage. Can Vault away if enemies get too close.
Varian Assasin/Tank Varian is an adaptable fighter who can become either a shield-bearing warrior or a life-ending assassin based on his talent choices in-game.
Xul Specialist Xul is a sturdy spellcaster that cripples enemies with Necromantic magic. He summons Skeletal Warriors from the corpses of enemies.
Zagara Specialist Zagara spreads Creep and summons Zerg minions to assault enemy Fortifications.
Zarya Tank Zarya is a mid range tank who uses shields to protect herself and her allies. The damage absorbed by her shields increases her own damage.
Zeratul Assasin Zeratul is a stealthed Assassin who can dart around his enemies.
Zul'Jin Assasin Zul'jin is a physical damage assassin who gains power as he loses health.