Heroes of the Storm Battlegrounds

Name Strategy
Battlefield of Eternity Battlefield of Eternity is the worst battleground for Murky. That being said here is the best strategy: for pulling off a win using Murky. For this map we'll be using the slime build. We won't be able to win the immortal dps race so we will have to wipe the enemy team and then get our immortal. For the first immortal we are going to push and have our team defend/poke the enemy team. The longer they can delay the more experience was can get. Save your march for the immortal phase. Use the march while you are defending your immortal. The slow the march creates can be especially devasting to the enemy team if they are near the immortal. One tip for bribe is to not use 3 stacks for the shaman and his two dogs. Just bribe the shaman and kill the two dogs.
Blackheart's Bay We are going to start out double soaking the top two lanes on this map. We want our team going to travel as a four man murder ball getting coins or pushing bottom lane. Join your team when they do a turn in or when they are getting a chest. In the beginning he best place for you egg is in the upper fort. Place it in the bushes so it doesn't get killed when the fort is destroyed. This posiiton lets you go to either the middle or the top two lanes easily. If you are going to the middle lane go straight down and exit out you middle fort. This will keep the enemy guessing about where your egg might be. Murky should never gather any coins. If you get a mercenary camp leave the coins there for a team mate to pick up. If you end up picking up some coins from someone dieing then go to the bruiser camp on your side and suicide and have a team member pick them up. Both slime build or split push builds work on this map. If you have a good team I would go with slime build and if you have to carry the game go split push.
Braxis Holdout Braxis Holdout is not a good murky map. Murky is a late game hero and Braxis Holdout gives a huge advantage to the team that wins the first objective. I would recommend the standard slime build with the octo-grab ult. A strategy: for soloing against one other when the shrine is up is to bounce between killing mobs and capping the shrine. This way the enemy has to decide on whether to kill your puffer fish or to let you cap the shrine. Either way murky wins!
Cursed Hollow Cursed Hollow is an excellent Murky map. Unlike other maps I don't favor bribe on this map. The camps are just too far away from the lanes. Instead I prefer Egg Hunt. You get stealth and eggs that can be used for scouting. I try and have an egg at each Boss so that I can see if the enemy is trying to kill the boss. I always pick March of the Murlocks for this map. The objective force the team to get in a nice tight formation. Howwever you have to be ready ahead of time. Place yor egg as soon as you see the indicator for where the shrine will be.
Dragon Shire This is my favorite map to play Murky on. It's not the easist but the one I have the most fun on. You defintely want to get bribe on this map and live on the bottom lane. Once you have two bribe stacks grab their bruiser camp. Pay attention to middle and clear that once in a while as well. In a perfect world Murky would always get into the Dragon. But it's not something I obsess over. Even if I'm in middle lane I am more likely to chase the enemy to their tower as it is much better if I die than if my team mate dies. If you do get the dragon attack the top or bottom lane forts instead of the midddle. It makes it easier for your team to cap a fort if the enemy can not escape to a safe fort and tap the healing well.
Garden of Terror Garden of Tower is a good map for Murky because of all the camps. The strvategy for Murky is to kill the bottom lane forts. When the objective starts you want to get all the little plant camps that you can. Once those exhausted get back to your lane or get camps that push your lane. We will be using the split push build with March of the Murlock as our ultimate. Once your team has gotten enough seeds for the plant Murky needs to drive it. You are only going push the bottom lane. You can fake heading toward the middle fort then speed up to get to the bottom fort. Use the plant to wave clear mobs as you go. Those things will attack you and can do some damage if not dealt with. Also if your minions are next to the plant they will attack them instead. Use your March on buildings as soon as it is up. Don't waste it on team fights. Once you get to the core keeps place your seedling between the core and the keeps. That way if you kill the keep you can go for the core without being shot by the core. When you are attacking a structure do not stand still. Stutter step around it and use your sheep to catch the enemy who are chasing you. Use your speed boost whenever it us up will help as well.
Hanamura This can be a difficult map for murky. Early game murky should focus on laning and getting bribes stacks. During the objective phase murky should bounce between clearing a lane and helping with the team fight. If you have the bribe stacks you should get a turret if one is available to help with the team fight. Late game murky can solo the boss. Capture the boss when the objective is about to start for best results. At this point in the game murky should be in all team fights.
Haunted Mines The strategy: here it is to just push lanes and get camps full time.
Infernal Shrines Infernal Mines is a good Murky map. It has tons of easy camps and a fixed objective in a small area. For this map I recommend the slime build with March of the Murlocs. We will lane in the top lane and the goal is to get at least one bribe stack. When the shrine countdown start we want to go to our shaman camp and bribe him and kill his two dogs. Then go help team kill skeletons. Focus the skeletons and don't chase kills. Plenty of times I've seen my team lose the boss because of this. Like Cursed Hollow you need to get to shrine ahead of time and setup your egg and hide so you can ambush the enemy team with March of the Murlocks If your team dies. Go take camps and lane. If your team wins go take camps and lane.
Sky Temple This is the best map for Murky hands down. Puffer fish is the got to build for this map. Murky's main objective is to push lanes and capture enemy camps. Murky's team should focus one shrine at a time. If the other shrine is open Murky can solo it. To start off you want to place your egg near the bruiser camp and work on the lower lane till the shrine starts. If you have two bribe stacks when the shrine starts bribe the enemeys bruiser camp. If they don't respond quickly it will kill the lower fort. For the first shrine we're going to lane. Which means bouncing between middle and low lanes. If there is a defender in one of the lanes that is giving you problems stay in one lane and attack structures. You should be looking to use march on the inner keeps to get them down. Once all the keeps are down you only need one temple to win the game. Generally it is safer at this point for you team to play defensively and win by template. This makes the team either focus your and lose the temple or focue the temple and have the core marched to death. Either way Murky wins. One thing to note is that the shrine boss cone attack will not kill your puffer fish.
Tomb of the Spider Queen Not a very good map for Murky but doable. I generally go slime build for this map because its faily difficult to split push on this map. It almost always come down to a team fight. I usually go with Egg Hunt on this match. I place the fake eggs around the turn in area for scouting purposes. Bribe is ok as well but don't feel the camps on this map are that impactfull. Because Murky is so fragile if you have 6 or more gems you should turn them in. Either that or die next to a team mate who can pick them up. Because this is more of a running fight I find that Octo-Grab is more usefull than March of the Murlocks.
Towers of Doom This is a very good map for murky. Lots of camps and fixed objectives in tight spaces Split pushing is not really doable on this map unless the other team is brain dead. So slime build with March of the Murlocs is the build to play. As Murky you want to concentrate on the camps. Best time to cap them is right before the objective starts. These camps also take a while to clear so its important to understand where the enemy team members are. Nothing worse than clearing the camp and then getting ganked and having the enemy team cap the camp. I try and reseve my bribe stack for risky camps on the enemy side of the map. For Tower caps I will cap the tower on my teams side first while they fight over the enemy's team tower. I'll then run over and use March of the Murlocks which will almost always win us the tower. Sometimes you will need to delay a tower and wait for your team to get there. In this case you want to just slime and retreat. If puffer fish is up drop that on the tower and retreat. This is easily done with some heros and almost impossible for others. If an enemy tower is down and you have a camp headed for it try and clear the mobs behind the tower. If the enemy team is preocupied or dead you can get some easy points this way. IF the enemy is there you might be able to use March of the Murlocs and make them retreat for the points. IF an enemy is almost dead you can bubble into the free fire zone and get a slime off in order to kill them. You will die but hey you are Murky.
Volskaya Foundry For the first object murky should grab our camp and push with it. It forces on person to come up to deal with murky so my team can try to win the 4v4 fight. Once that happens murky should go down and help with the team fight. The first mech is pretty weak and generally with a decent team we will come out even. You can stack slimes on the enemy mech otherwise you should push a lane. Murky should drive the mech. Target all three of the first mini bases before moving on. When the mech is getting low get to a safe spot where the gunner can bail out and then murky can kamikize a base and get some extra hits in.
Warhead Junction Warhead Junction is an excellent Murky Map mostly because it so big. Its a huge pain for the enemy team to come hunt you down when you are clear across the map. Murky lives on the lower lane on this map. Occasionally going up to mid to cause some havoc. I avoid the top half of the map because of the watch tower. It's just a pain trying to keep retaking it and detract from pushing lanes. The easy camps on the lower lane are easy to capture so I do not bother with bribe. Instead I take Egg Hunt. The stealth is handy because it hides you on the mini map. This lets me place an egg deep in enemy territory. I can also place a fake egg near the bosses too ensure that the enemy team does not try to sneak it. Endless Murlocks and be usefull for taking out unattend keeps. I usally go with Octo Grab as there are lots of little 1v1 or 2v2 skirmeshes. I prefer slime build slightly over split push build on this map. Mostly because the lanes are so far apart. But have had success with push build when I get a nightmare comp for Murky.