Frequently Asked Questions

Are you trolling?

No. I play Murky to the best of my ability and intend on winning.


I enjoy playing Murky.

But we needed Tank or Support

I play Murky

I love Murky but he does not fit our team comp

I play Murky

Can you play XXX instead

I play Murky

This is a bad map for Murky

Unless it the map is Braxis Hold or Battle of Eternity I disagree. If the enemy team is weak to Murky I will play Murky otherwise I play Chen.

But Chen is the worst tank in the game

I agree. Blizzard realy hurt Chen with this last rework.

Since you won't change I'm gonna ban Murky so you can't play him

Awesome! I don't get to play Abathur much. I'm not great at body soaking but I love driving the monstrosity around.

I'm gonna pick Murky before you can get him

If you are a Murky main hes is your most played hero in your profile we are cool. Otherwise hello Abathur.

How do you deal with Murky hate?

Just ignore the hate and turn off team chat. Nothing you say is gonna change their minds. All the chatter will distract you from the game.

Don't you get bored play Murky?