Murky vs Tassadar

Tassadar is easy to lane against for Murky. Murky can not kill Tassadar because of his shields and his escape. But he takes a long time to kill Murky. Tassadar and Murky will most likely just kill each others minion waves. However Tassadar is great for building slime stacks. Tassadar will often just shield up and sit there while you do slime after slime. Tassadar will not take any damage but Murky will build his slime stack really quickly.

Fish Tank does nothing for Tassadar but Murky's output grows significantly at level 16. Murky can burn through Tasssadar shields at that point. If Tassadar uses the god mode ultimate Murky should back off and wait for it to expire.