Murky vs Nazeebo

In the beginning Murky can lane against Nazeebo barely. A good Nazeebo will kill his egg. At this point Nazeebo has not built up his mana and health so you can still force him to retreat by getting him low. Rarely you might be able to kill Nazeebo if he makes a mistake.

Late game there is nothing Murky can do to Nazeebo. One of Nazeebo's toad will take 90% of Murky's life. By now Nazeebo has built up his health and mana so that Murky going one on one with him is not feasible. Fish Tank does not help Murky with Nazeebo. Rejuvenating Bubble might help a little but Murky still dies. Best to let the team take care of Nazeebo and Murky focus easier targets.

Nazeebo's Ravenous Spirit can be canceled with Octo-Grab. If you do not have grab or it's on cool down at least throw a pufferfish on Nazeebo if you can.