Murky vs Leoric

In the beginning Leoric is a pain to lane against. His auto attacks will easily kill your pufferfish and he can two shot Murky. On the brightside his auto attacks are slow so you can time your slimes. You need to save your bubble for Leoric's Grasphing Hand. It does damage to Murky but more importantly it Heals Leoric. Forcing Leoric to retreat from the lane should be considered a victory for Murky as Leoric can use his ghost walk to escape to safety.

Once Murky gets Fish Tank Leoric becomes a peace of cake. All you need to do is bubble or dodge his Grasping Hand. If Murky has Slippery When Wet Leoric will have a tough time escaping. Leoric does not return to the core and lieks to scout with his ghost. When he comes back to life you can repeat the process.