Murky vs Azmodan

Azmodan can be a great threat to your forts and keeps. You can not let him go unopposed. You should mirror azmodan regadless of map ojectives. If Azmodan stays in lane then you stay in lane.

Laser based Azmodan will generally try to solo through objectives. While dunk Azmodan are more inclined to team fight at objectives

When you solo lane against Azmodan you are not trying to kill him. The object is to clear the minion waves and run Admodan out of mana. You want to stay clear of your minion wave as he will be dunking them. Save your bubble when Admodan uses his laser on you. When Admodan is lasering a fort he is at max range. Place your puffer fish so that he has to either take damage or disrupt the laser.

Azmodan's generals and lietuenant will aggro on you from time to time. For most heros their damage is negligable but for Murky they are a danger. You can lose agro by ducking into a bush. You can also out run them which means doing running rings around Azmodan as you slime him.

One of Azmodan's ultimates rains down grunts on a target. After the impact damage they behave like minions. By themselves they do not do a lot of damage but there are a lot of them. They can easily bring a keep down if not unchecked. Clear them with puffer fish just like any other mobs. Note that Azmodan can rain the grunts down on his side of the map and let them march toward your structures.