Towers of Doom

This is a very good map for murky. Lots of camps and fixed objectives in tight spaces

Split pushing is not really doable on this map unless the other team is brain dead. So slime build with March of the Murlocs is the build to play.

As Murky you want to concentrate on the maps. Best time to cap them is right before the objective starts. These camps also take a while to clear so its important to understand where the enemy team members are. Nothing worse than clearing the camp and then getting ganked and having the enemy team cap the camp. I try and resever my bribe stack for risky camps like the one on the enemy side.

For Tower caps I will cap the tower on my teams side first while they fight over the enemy's team tower. I'll then run over and use March of the Murlocks which will almost always win us the tower.

Sometimes you will need to delay a tower and wait for your team to get there. In this case you want to just slime and retreat. If puffer fish is up drop that on the tower and retreat. This is easily done with some heros and almost impossible for others.

If an enemy tower is down and you have a camp headed for it try and clear the mobs behind the tower. If the enemy team is preocupied or dead you can get some easy points this way. IF the enemy is there you might be able to use March of the Murlocs and make them retreat for the points. IF an enemy is almost dead you can bubble into the free fire zone and get a slime off in order to kill them. You will die but hey you are Murky.