Sky Temple

This is the best map for Murky hands down.

Either build split push or slime build works for this. Really depends on the team comp. If their team has buthcer, tracer, nazeebo get split push. If thier team has Malth, Meiv, Greymane get slime build.

To start off you want to place your egg near the bruiser camp and work on the lower lane till the shrine starts. If you have 2 bribe stacks when the shrine starts bribe the enemeys bruiser camp. If they don't respond quickly it will kill the lower fort.

For the first shrine we're going to lane. Which means bouncing between middle and low lanes. If there is a defender in one of the lanes that is giving you problems stay in one lane and attack structures.

You should be looking to use march on the inner keeps to get them down. Once all the keeps are down you only need one temple to win the game. Generally it is safer at this point for you team to play defensively and win by template. This also mkaes the team either focus your and lose the temple or focue the temple and have the core marched to death. Either way Murky wins.

One thing to note is that Murky can solo a shrine without getting the rejuv bubble. In fact it's easier to solo the shrine than have one person with you. When the shrine boss steps on the platform lay down a bubble fish and auto attack and slime the boss. Note that the boss attack will not kill your egg even if he hits it. As soon as his first two minions bubble even though you should be a t full health. This will collect the boss and the minions together so you get him them all with the puffer fish and slimes. Do the same when the 2nd pair of minions appear.