Garden of Terror

Garden of Tower is a good map for Murky because of all the camps.

The strategy for Murky is to kill the bottom lane forts. When the objective starts you want to get all the little plant camps that you can. Once those exhausted get back to your lane or get camps that push your lane. We will be using the split push build with March of the Murlock as our ultimate.

Once your team has gotten enough seeds for the plant Murky needs to drive it. You are only going push the bottom lane. You can fake heading toward the middle fort then speed up to get to the bottom fort. Use the plant to wave clear mobs as you go. Those things will attack you and can do some damage if not dealt with. Also if your minions are next to the plant they will attack them instead. Use your March on buildings as soon as it is up. Don't waste it on team fights.

Once you get to the core keeps place your seedling between the core and the keeps. That way if you kill the keep you can go for the core without being shot by the core. When you are attacking a structure do not stand still. Stutter step around it and use your sheep to catch the enemy who are chasing you. Use your speed boost whenever it us up will help as well.