Blackheart's Bay

We are going to start out double soaking the top two lanes on this map. We want our team going to travel as a four man murder ball getting coins or pushing bottom lane. Join your team when they do a turn in or when they are getting a chest.

In the beginning he best place for you egg is in the upper fort. Place it in the bushes so it doesn't get killed when the fort is destroyed. This posiiton lets you go to either the middle or the top two lanes easily. If you are going to the middle lane go straight down and exit out you middle fort. This will keep the enemy guessing about where your egg might be.

Murky should never gather any coins. If you get a mercenary camp leave the coins there for a team mate to pick up. If you end up picking up some coins from someone dieing then go to the bruiser camp on your side and suicide and have a team member pick them up.

Both slime build or split push builds work on this map. If you have a good team I would go with slime build and if you have to carry the game go split push.